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Android apps of the year
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Hey folks,


So earlier I posted an article about Apple’s ‘Best of 2012’, but I couldn’t do that without posting the same for Android apps. There shan’t be any favouritism in this forum – no siree!


Unfortunately, Google play haven’t released an official review yet, but in my quest to report 2012’s best android apps I came across a great article by tech website, T3. They’ve compiled a list of the best android apps of 2012 and I’ve selected a few that I think are worth mentioning to you guys.


First up is the Easy Voice Recorder, a handy little app that does what it says on the tin. Great for recording a lecture or a meeting, or maybe capturing the moment your favourite band plays your favourite song live – ready to listen back when you want to. It’s easy to use and the sound quality, as supported by the reviews, is very clear.  Worth a go as another added bonus is that it’s completely free! (P.S. Also good for spies).


The next app that caught my eye is World Lens. This useful download translates signs and menus into your native tongue, simply by holding the camera over the text you’re trying to understand. It even works without wifi, as the app translates text using an inbuilt dictionary, meaning you won’t be left with hefty roaming data chargers. This app is certainly a lazy traveler’s best friend.


After the summer hit of David Cameron’s ‘I’m Sorry’, the AutoTune has became a staple in entertaining offices and houses across the country - and now you can create your very own AutoTune by downloading Songify. All you have to do is record your voice on your Android phone and Songify instantly turns it into the familiar robotic sounding song. It’s fair to say that this app isn’t going to change you’re life, but it is very amusing and you never know, you could end up making the next viral hit.


And last, but not least, I had to add this fun app in – Zombie Smash. The premise is simple; your aim is to defeat a bunch of comedy zombies using a selection of weapons, which you pick up along the way. It’s easy to learn, hard to master and oh-so-addictive. A great app for shaking bored commuters out of their own zombie state.


So that’s my pick, of T3’s pick. Interested in what other Android apps made the list? You can find out by viewing the article here.  


But the main question is – what is your favourite Android app of 2012? Let the Community know by adding your comments below.