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Apps of the Week #5: Film Buff Stuff
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We like to think we’ve got a pretty good view of what’s happening in the world of apps. But sometimes it’s not easy to navigate the winding roads of Appville, so we thought you might appreciate a few timely tips.


Each week we’ll bring you three great apps, all focusing on a particular area of your life – from food and films to fun gadgets and furry creatures. How does that sound? Exactly.


This week we’ve been celebrating the Academy Awards, and we’re especially chuffed to announce that triple Oscar winner Argo hit the EE Film Store today. With this in mind, we thought you’d enjoy a few film-based apps, which might one day help you smuggle some colleagues out of a war-torn country*…

  1. IMDb
    We can’t go any further without first mentioning the benign behemoth of the global movie industry. Still run from offices in Bristol (yes, it’s British), the Internet Movie Database actually dates back to a 1990 post on Usenet, which your geek dad will tell you was a pre-pre-pre-Facebook online discussion forum. And now it’s an app, bursting with information, trailers, trivia and pictures of more than two million titles and twice as many people.
    IMDb for iOS     IMDb for Android

  2. Location Scout
    Now it’s time to flex your 4GEE muscles a little: Location Scout uses your phone’s GPS to pin-point where you are and tell you all sorts of details about movies filmed nearby. You might think it’s not much use to you if you live in the back of beyond, but you may be surprised: the strangest films are made in the most faraway places! This app has the added bonus of being Kindle Fire-friendly, so everyone can get stuck in.
    Location Scout for iOS     Location Scout for Android     Location Scout for Kindle Fire

  3. RunPee
    Sometimes it’s important to stop what you’re doing, sit back and just marvel at the wondrous technoworld we inhabit. RunPee is one of those ingenious ideas we all wish we’d thought of first: it tells cinemagoers which bit of the film is OK to do without when you need the loo! It’ll even vibrate in your pocket just before the key moment, and then after the movie (or even during the toilet break itself) you can read up on what you missed. Amazing.
    RunPee for iOS     RunPee for Android

Already using one of these movie-buff apps? Any others you think everyone should know about? Get posting!

*Alright, probably not