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sms from 249


Not sure if the right forum but a general question.

Have been a Broadband user for sometime

I do not use EE for mobile

I just took possession of a TV EE Box

EE sent me 2 SMS messages (survey) from # 249 "Hello from EE. We'd love to get your feedbac.........." but if I try and reply to #249 I just get an error.

Not a major problem but can't figure out why EE makes a request for a reply to what appears to be a NON valid #

EE Community Support Team

Re: sms from 249

Good Evening @peterhw


Thanks so much for reporting this 🙂


Was this a survey after speaking to one of our team?


Speak soon, 



by peterhw

Re: sms from 249


I did speaak to someone I believe because of the very mixed messages I was getting about my revised service and delivery of the EE TV Box.  The box turned up sooner than originally stated.  I installed the box and was 'up & running' very quickly.


Then I got the SMS messages - 2 and both from #249.   

The point was not so much the content or the originator but rather sending a request to participate.


Message 1

Hello from EE. We'd love to get your feedback on your recent delivery experience. We're sending you a short survey, all texts are FREE! To opt-out, please reply with STOP.

Message 2

Overall, how satisfied were you with the delivery of your equipment? Please score between 0 (very dissatisfied) and 10 (extremely satisfied).

Both timed @ 17:25 - 7th June and both from 249 

I tried to reply as requested (and as stated previously) and got an error message. Just tried again and failed.


As previously stated why send a message requesting a response to a number that fails to respond?  If there is an obvious solution / answer then be pleased to know.  Can't believe I am the only person having encountered such an apparently pointless sms message

EE Community Support Team

Re: sms from 249

Hi @peterhw


Thanks for confirming this. 


I do apologies that your response has failed. 


I can't provide you an answer as to why this has failed as of yet, but I will absolutely feed this back to the relevant team.  


Katie 🙂

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