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i just want to give some feedback on the customer service at ee.

i don't really know where to give feedback but i just want to say everyone i have spoken to at ee broadband team has made my experience with ee the best i have ever had with other ISP i have not had good luck when it comes to customer service most ISP broadband team don't even know what they are talking about but with ee they know what they are talking about and know how to sort a problem. Every time they say they will give me a call back they always do not like other ISP when they say they are going to call you back and they never do. I was speaking to this woman on the broadband tech team today i don't remember her name and i wish i did but she was amazing why she was going the test instend of just sitting there and not talking we talked about things and it was really nice thing about ee that act want to talk to you and they are not there just for your money.  My dad asked about what broadband he should get and i said to him ee any person that ask what is the best broadband to go with i always say ee. i have been with a lot of ISP and out of all of them ee is number one.


i know this was really long but i just had to give good feedback as i could not find anywhere to send the feedback.

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Re: i just want to give some feedback on the customer service at ee.

Hi there @Joeb0909



Thank you very much for coming here and letting us know about the great customer service you have had 🙂


I love to hear about this, and if you ever fancy a chat we have a great general chat forum too 🙂


As a thanks for coming back to the community and taking the time to let us know about your experience I would like to send you a small gift 🙂


You will have a private message from me on here for some details.


Leanne 🙂

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