by Terryf59

Credit where it's due

I initially asked Emily to forward this on to her line-manager because there wasn't a way of leaving feedback for her.  

I suggested i emailed her the feedback and she'd forward it on.. but it appears EE emails don't accept internal mail. 

I'm not comfortable leaving her email here... but if someone could ensure this is seen by the relevant people, it'd be much appreciated. 

P.s, i've now gone through the hassle of creating an account here too, purely to ensure she receives recognition  - The power of a good person, ay 😉

Hi there,

I believe i'm on one of your higher contracts, I've gone over numerous times, and paid the £700 odd bill a couple of Decembers ago. 
I've been a loyal customer of EE and unfortunately after my conversation with numerous amounts of staff this morning and multiple bouts of people blaming each other - I was ready to pay the £560 cancellation fee and just put this shoddy customer service behind me. 

Thankfully, you've actually employed people like Emily. She solved my issue, listened to me rant, and showed a completely different light to the mess i'd experienced prior.

I'll be renewing/upgrading my contract in April, you'll get another £2k from me, and all simply because Emily is a credit to EE.

I do hope that EE is aware of her value.

Kind regards,
EE Community Support Team

Re: Credit where it's due

Hello there @Terryf59


Thanks for joining the community and letting us know how helpful Emily has been for you and for staying with us 🙂


I have sent you a private message so I can get Emily's details and send this feedback to her manager.


Speak soon.


Leanne 🙂

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