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It’s that time again…



Four years ago, we were getting ready for a huge month of football in Brazil. Now, the eyes of the world are on Russia for the world’s biggest sporting event between the 14th of June and the 15th of July.


If you are lucky enough to be going to Russia (as I wish I was Smiley Happy), or even if you are watching from home, this blog will help you stay updated with the footballing activities over the coming month.


I hope you enjoy what will be a brilliant summer of football.



Handy Hints and Tips for Russia


To help you get to the stadium, see a map of all the venues here.


Below are a few phrases you may need when spending time in Russia and chatting to the locals:


  • How are you - Как дела? (Kak-dela?)
  • Hello - Приве́т! (Privet!)
  • My name is - Меня зовут ... (mee-nya za-vut...)
  • Good luck-Удачи! (U-dači!)
  • Do you speak English? - Ты говоришь по-английски? (Ty-gov-oriš' po-ang-liski?



Before you travel to Russia


To keep in touch with everyone when you’re in Russia, make sure you are all set up for Roaming with our getting ready to use your phone abroad post.



Top tips for using your phone in Russia


When in Russia, you will be presented with the following networks to use:


  • MegaFon
  • VimpleCom
  • MTS


You might need to perform a manual network search to choose the best one when you arrive in Russia and this can involve a little trial and error. To do this:


iPhone: Go to Settings > Carrier and turn off Automatic. Wait until available networks appear, which might take a couple of minutes. Tap the network to which you want to connect.


Android: Open the Settings menu >Tap More > Mobile Networks > Carrier and turn off Automatic. Wait until available networks appear, which might take two minutes. Tap the network to which you want to connect


Costs for using your phone can be found on our Russian Roaming Cost Page, we do offer bundles to cut the costs of calls and texts, these can be added by our Customer Service Team.



Staying up-to-date at home


If you are unlucky to not be at this wonderful occasion you can keep an eye on the scores and latest news with your footballing app of choice and they can be used via our superfast 4G network.



My top football apps are:

 live score.JPGLive Scorebbc sport.JPGBBC Sport



If you’re anything like me and don’t want to miss the action you can watch live via the ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer using either WiFi or your superfast 4G allowance.


You can also take advantage of your inclusive BT Sports subscription to get the extra news and highlights of the football you may have missed along with other sports.


Feel free to upload your own images of this world class sporting event.


Enjoy the football, I know I will.




Come on England!!!


If anyone has UHD TV then stream the BBC games in UHD via the TV iPlayer app! It's great. 

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Photos taken on an iPhone by EE customer Andrew, sent from Russia


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Wow what can I say....


England 6:

  • Stones (8'minutes40'minutes)
  • Kane (22'minutes pen45'+1minutes pen62'minutes)
  • Lingard (36'minutes)

Panama 1:

  • Baloy (78'minutes)

Yesterday I was tucking into my sunday lunch expecting it to be a low scoring game and by the time I was finishing my starter we were already 4 nil up.


Rumours have it at half time the Panama coach asked Gareth Southgate to take it easy in the second half Smiley Happy


Photos below kindly sent in by Andrew an EE customer sent from Russia using an iPhone.





Grand Master
Grand Master

 Germany going home.  

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So the first big casualty of Russia 2018.




So the cup is going to a new holder Smiley Happy



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So we now face Colombia In the next round.


Least we have managed to escape Japan and Brazil for now!!!

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 So the second round draw looks like very good for England..


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After a rest day (Friday) football resumed on Saturday and what a day it was.  


So the G.O.A.T (Messi) and CR7 (Ronaldo) have both been sent back to the airport on the same day.


Uruguay are looking like the team to be in the final from this side of the Knockout bracket.


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Another shock departure this time SPAIN!!!!!


Both of yesterdays games went to penalties...



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Brazil are now safely through....knockoutphase2.JPG

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WOW, what can I say..... 




England finally have won a penalty shootout when we needed to, all thanks to a local lad (local to me anyway Smiley Happy )


Colombia 1:

  • Mina (90'+3 minutes)

England 1:

  • Kane (57'minutes pen)

England win 4-3 on penalties:


  • Kane                *
  • Rashford         *
  • Henderson     x
  • Trippier           *
  • Dier                 *


  • Falcao             *
  • Ju, Cuadrai     *
  • Muriel             *
  • Uribe              x
  • Bacca             x

Sweden next. going to be tough but I think we can do it.

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Its becoming an interesting tournament Smiley Happy


EE Employee

I'm loving all the "It's coming home parody videos" I've got a couple of favourites.


Also the #GarethSouthgateWould hash tag on twitter is brilliant.


Two days to go, 


Where is everyone watching?



EE Community Team
EE Community Team

Loving all the updates @Lee_H


I'm planning on watching it with my family - and fingers crossed the weather holds out for a BBQ too! 



EE Employee

Thank you @lauren_g


I'm having a BBQ too, I'm tempted to hire a projector and big screen for the garden.



EE Community Support Team

My Grandad was Belgian, so I'm a Belgium fan as well as England (hedging my bets).


I'm predicting:


Uruguay 0 - 2 France

Brazil 1 - Belgium 1 (Belgium to win on Pens).


The fact I'm also supporting Belgium doesn't change the fact that .....


It's coming home!

EE Community Team
EE Community Team

 @Lee_H - Ohh now you're making me want to get a projector and watch it in the garden! If you do it - please post some photos!


@Christopher_G - What are your predictions for England v Sweden?

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@lauren_g, They had non left to hire Smiley Sad


I'll wait to the final and pre-book a 8ft screen and a 6000 lumens HD projector Smiley Happy



EE Community Support Team

I'm too nervous to even think about it @lauren_g Smiley Frustrated


I really hope it doesn't go to pens, I don't think I could handle another one!


I can feel my heart-rate going up already.






EE Community Team
EE Community Team

@Lee_H - Fingers crossed you'll be watching us in the final on an 8ft screen!!


@Christopher_G - I have to leave the room for penalties - I can't cope with it.  Smiley Embarassed

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So the first team to book themselves a semi-final place is Les Bleus, France.



EE Community Moderator
EE Community Moderator

Great first half from Belgium!

EE Employee

@MichaelL Belgium/England final sound ok to you Smiley Happy

Grand Master
Grand Master

 Is Brazil going to making an exit ?? 

Grand Master
Grand Master