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I didn't know any other medium to say this, so hopefully someone internally can relay the message on my behalf.


We are all very quick to pounce and leave bad feedback whenever we feel a service has not met our standards, but usually always fail to recognise good service.


I want to give a massive shout out, and show my appreciation, to Tanya and Lisa in the Newry (Buttercrane) EE Store.  I switched over from O2 this week and also took on an Apple Watch on an EE plan.  Tanya handled my original purchase (and has also sold me a 4gee router, plus it's upgrade, in the past) whilst Lisa had to address a technical issue with the Data Plan on the watch.  Both of these interactions were very time consuming for the girls but they did their jobs with smiles on their faces the entire time. By the end of the second day in store I felt like I was just in having a chat with friends. It was actually quite an enjoyable experience.


Both Tanya and Lisa deserve to go as high as they can in the organisation - although personally I hope they remain in Newry to handle all my future upgrades and problems!!


Many Thanks Ladies


John McGuigan

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Staff Feedback

Hello @IBGrizzly ,


Welcome to the community,


Thank you for the lovely feedback, I am sure that one of the community staff will relay this, it is always lovely to get some good feedback.


@James_B is on duty this evening, so may see this, or any other member of staff, who may be looking in here.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Staff Feedback

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Hi @IBGrizzly,


It's great to hear that about the personal service you received in our Newry store and it'll be my pleasure to pass it on for you.


I'd also like to send you a little something to say thanks for taking the time to share this great feedback in the community.


Keep an eye on your private message inbox for details.



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