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Positive Feedback!

Called EE today to unlock phone for another provider and get PAC code.

Spoke to Claire from the Derry centre re PAC code. Claire was professional from the start, prompt, to the point, friendly manner and really helpful.


Then got passed to Ingrid from North Tyneside centre to unlock the phone. Again Ingrid was professional from the start, perfect manner on the phone, right balance of technical help with friendly manner.


I was thinking of using my handset for another provider but after experiencing EE customer service for the first time with with Claire and Ingrid. I think I will remain with EE now.

Well done EE, in partially Claire and Ingrid for representing EE so well. 

You two should get a pay rise. 

Keep up the good work.


Kind regards.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive Feedback!

Hi and welcome to the community, @ct11. 🙂


I'm so glad that Claire and Ingrid were able to offer you such a personal experience. I used to be on Ingrid's team a few years back, she's such a lovely person and so professional!. 🙂


I'll do my best to make sure both of them see this message.


As a thank you for posting your experience, I'd love to send you a small gift from our team here on the community. 


Spot prize.jpg


I've sent you a private message to get some more information from you. Please have a look and get back to me.


Thanks 🙂



by ct11 Investigator

Re: Positive Feedback!

Thanks Chris. 

I've replied to your message.


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