by MatthewJames

Positive Feedback!



Ive looked everywhere online to find a way to show my appreciation and overwhelming customer service i received today.


I called today and spoke to Darren/Daryl in your Darlington call centre.


I had to call to sort my bill out and explained to D my issues currently with health and depression and anxiety.


D listened throughout and actually took the time to ask how i was doing since. Something you dont get often.


What D did next was above amd beyond after speaking to his manager i cant tell you how much this act of kindness ment and what it actually ment to someone like me who suffers greatly with depression anxiety and other health issues.


Please can someone pass my thanks again onto D in your Darlington centre, and also his manager. He is a credit to your team!


Thanks once again




by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Positive Feedback!

Hi @MatthewJames sounds like you had a fantastic customer service experience, and I’m really glad you got everything sorted by a fab member of the team.  Sending you best wishes for your future health and anxiety issues, as I know they can be debilitating during stressful times.  I’m happy somebody was able to relieve them a little today for you xx

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive Feedback!

Good Morning @MatthewJames


Thank you very much for coming to the community and letting us know about your experience.




This has made me very happy on a cold Tuesday morning.


As a thank you to yourself for taking the time to let us know I would like to send you a gift 🙂


You will have a private message from me on here for some details.


If there is anything you need in the future, we are more than happy to help and will do our very best to resolve your query for you.


Speak soon, Leanne 🙂

by MatthewJames

Re: Positive Feedback!

Hi  Leanne. Thanks.for the .message 


Again youve made me feel all fuzzy inside 



EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive Feedback!

Glad we could make your day that little bit brighter @MatthewJames


Happy Spending 🙂

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