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Collecting order; feedback/suggestions



just wanted to give a bit of feedback about an experience I had in your Aberdeen store (Bon Accord Centre). 


I've been an EE contract customer for years and since my iPhone 5S is on its last legs, I used my upgrade on Sunday. Whilst placing my order online, I realised that my address and surname were no longer correct on my account- I've moved and gotten married since upgrading to the 5S (I realise I should have updated this sooner!)


Anyway, after placing my order, I got an email requesting some more information and was given a number to call customer services. The rep on the phone was helpful, took note of the changes and after security checks released my order. He told me to just take in my marriage certificate along with my passport as photo ID (which is still in my maiden name) when I went to collect my phone in store.


Collected my new phone during lunch break today and the staff member in store was extremely stressed about processing my order, since my photo ID was in my maiden name. This is despite the fact that I also brought in my marriage certificate (showing both maiden and married names), my bank card for the account used for my monthly EE payment (married name) and my order confirmation. I suggested that it shouldn't be a problem if he just took a copy of my marriage certificate too, but I was told that this wouldn't be possible because the only scanner in store is a small photo scanner (surely if everyone has iPads, uploading documents shouldn't be a problem?!) and was initially told that I couldn't collect my phone.


After he consulted with a colleague (who'd had to interject whilst serving another customer) and a manager, he was eventually able to process the release of my order, but still seemed very on edge about the whole thing, suggesting he'd gotten in trouble for this sort of thing before and he was worried that he would again. I did feel sympathy for him- it's not a nice feeling to be worried about any potential repercussions of not following procedures at work, but I'd hate to think that anyone would "get in trouble" at EE for using a bit of common sense, and people getting married isn't exactly a new thing!


I'm obviously unsure about the ins and outs of your procedures, but surely there must be an easy and stress-free way to process this sort of thing? It certainly made for a bizarre and slightly uncomfortable experience!

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Re: Collecting order; feedback/suggestions

Good Morning @CS_1986


Firstly I would like to thank you for coming to the EE Community and sharing your experience and I hope your enjoying your new phone.


The steps you were provided over the phone is one of the processes we use to change a name after marriage. 


I have sent you a private message for further information. 


Speak soon, 


Katie 🙂


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