Annual upgrades: Get a new phone, every year
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If you like getting your hands on the latest device (who doesn’t?) you can get a new phone every year with annual upgrade, without paying an early upgrade fee.


Like the sound of that? Find out which plans come with annual upgrade.


Annual upgrades are available on selected 4GEE Max plans free of charge. There are no hidden charges and you won’t pay an early upgrade fee. Not bad eh?



How to get your early upgrade


Once you’ve chosen an eligible plan and phone, after 12 months we’ll be in touch with details on upgrading – along with plenty of handy info on everything from backing up your phone to switching your contacts across.


When it’s time to upgrade, all you need to do is bring your phone into one of our stores. As long as it’s in good working order, we’ll exchange it for a new phone there and then.



What would you choose?


So, what phone would you upgrade to? Any devices coming up that you’re particularly excited about? Let us know by tapping "Comment"  below, and visit our dedicated help page for more info on annual upgrades.

Dale S

Hi, i have a iPhone 7 on a max 4GEE Max, is it possible to put it in for an iPhone x when ready to pre order. Thanks Dale.


I upgraded from 6s plus to iphone 8 plus and i had to pay £35 upfront and then they said the plan i was on ie 4GEE max is no longer available so i had to take a new plan which is £77.99 per month with less add ons ie no free calls to o8oo numbers or 0870 numbers and no calling abroad or calling within the eu


Didn' work for me they changed the plan and i was only 1 year in to it

EE Community Support Team

Hi @jimh56 and welcome to the community.


your new plan won't have 08 calling or calling abroad but your plan does include roaming in the EU and USA, Canada, Austalia, New Zealand and Mexico.


Many thanks,



Profile closed

i have an iPhone 7 128gb jet black which was purchased on 16/9/16 with a 25GB EE Max plan and I was told that it comes with an annual upgrade option.


Contacted EE for this upgrade and informed I do not have annual upgrade added to my plan- but no explanation why this is the case as this was one of the main reasons I took out the contract in the first plance.


So I have:

1. an eligible phone.

2. an eligible MAX plan (25GB)

3. purchased after 9/9/16

4. held contract for over 12 months

5. paid all the bills

6. meet all the criteria.

7. but for some reason cannot go for the annual upgrade plan because for some reason it was not added to my plan.


Im just curious why this is the case. I feel many others are in the same position. Maybe buying the phone upfront from Apple is a more reliable option I guess.

EE Community Support Team

Hi @Profile closed


Welcome to the community. Smiley Happy


That sounds unusual. Have you got any discounts on your account?


Such as, friends and family, EE perk etc.



Profile closed

Hi @Christopher_G


I have NHS discount. But I was not told at the time that it would void my annual upgrade. Otherwise, I would not have applied this discount. Also, I do not expect to be given this discount on the upgrade anyways.





EE Community Support Team

Thanks for confirming, @Profile closed.


Please see the statement below from our Annual Upgrade help and support page:-


Annual upgrade is available with an eligible device when taking our 15GB, 25GB 40GB, 60GB and 100GB 4GEE Max plan, this is not available with special offers including but not limited to Perk and Multi-line discounts. Friends and Family accounts are eligible for the Annual Upgrade on the 40GB, 60GB and 100GB 4GEE Max plans only.


I understand from your message that you're not happy about this. If you would like to complain regarding this, you can find out how to on our ways to complain help and support page.


I hope they can help you find a resolution to this.




I have the exact same problem as @sonic_123 to a T!! I have the same plan, phone except in my situation when I had my previous iPhone 6 Plus I got my mother a contract which shared my internet before I preordered my iPhone 7 Plus. When preordering my iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb on the 25Gb 4GEE MAX plan I was told I would be able to get annual upgrade and I called in to see if I could upgrade and I was told that this was not included on my plan even though I was told it was.


I took out a pre-order for a Samsung S8 on the 4GEE Max plan in April 2017 under the impression that it was on the Annual Upgrade. I took the 7gb data allowance as I was told this give me the upgrade over the 4gb data allowance however I've now been told this isn't the case and I won't be able to upgrade for free. Is anyone able to help me this this?



I just tried to do annual upgrade - the 'no hidden costs' seems not true! I have a 256gb iphone 7 plus (bought via EE on 24 month 4GEEmax tarrif 12 months ago) - the natural upgrade would be an iphone 8 plus 256gb - but I have been told I have to pay an additional £200 fee, or change to a more expensive (£83 per month) tariff (and still pay £100 fee), even though I'm already on a £65 per month 4GEEMAX tarrif. (this is regardless of phone trade in, so if I want to keep the phone, I pay another £310, or trade it in to avoid this. So to trade in my old phone, I'd still need to pay £200 upgrade (seems like a hidden fee to me!), or £100 if I move to £83 tarrif. This seems the opposite of 'no hidden costs' - to anyone thinking about taking this out, I'd strongly suggest you look at similar deal through Apple direct. I sugges people avoid the annual upgrade from EE as it seems they will find a way to charge you more somehow...