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Annual leave from work and half term with the kids; it can leave you thinking 'what can I do and how can I create the best memories?'


You don't have to jump on a plane to have a great break with the kids as the place you live also has so much to offer; we often forget to look at what is right under our nose.


Although we might not always get great weather it's the attitude we have towards it. The weather is only as bad as your outfit choices so there's nothing a pair of wellie boots and a water proof coat can't handle... followed by a great cup of tea, always followed by tea.



IMG_2760.jpegPink wellies and blossom


The app ‘Around Me’ is a great one to keep you up to date with what's on offer in your local area; from Cinemas to coffee shops it's a one stop search to find what you are after.


I also love the culture in our local Cities and one we have been visiting recently is Derry. We’ve found jumping on a train is so much easier than taking the car, so we’ve been using the Translink app, UK Train Times app and National Rail app to plan our journeys – it’s so simple and the girls love it! I’ve also signed us up to live notifications on our travel apps, and with EE’s 4G coverage at 95% of the UK, we never miss an update. Derry is bursting with quirky coffee shops and great parks, but I always check local councils websites en route for upcoming events/markets too.


 IMG_5579.jpegA room with a view


A contrast from the hustle and bustle of city life is heading to the Coast. Packing up the bikes, a kite or just heading a long walk on the beach just feels so good for the soul. Even better, a quick Google search for camping sites (or glamping sites if you can’t go without your phone and luxuries) nearby is a great way to feel you’re actually getting a break. I'm also pretty sure the best memories are made wrapped up by a campfire whilst toasting marshmallows and telling stories.



IMG_2575.jpegBikes on the beach


The National Trust App is fantastic for finding  beautiful places nearby and keeping  you up to date on fun family activities they have planned. They include many geological wonders and a wealth of history and legend throughout the sites. Until now we hadn't taken the girls to visit The Giants Causeway but this age is the perfect time to hear of the mythical giant Finn McCool.


Moments of wonder are best shared and FaceTime means that friends and family can see the excitement first hand and join in as the story unfolds. Thankfully even the most remote areas have 4G coverage thanks to EE, so sharing memories and reactions has never been easier. I also love sharing images and videos with my family on Whatsapp.  With a sister living in America who has only met our girls a few times, it's essential that we keep up to date, even thousands of miles apart. EE Mobile broadband is a great way to ensure that 100% of the time you have excellent, high-speed service on up to 10 devices – there’s no excuse not to keep your nearest and dearest up to date!



Anna Corry - Blossoming Birds - FaceTime image - staycation.jpgPhotos at the Giant's Causeway


With how hectic life can be, days off work can leave you feeling like you want to do very little. To entertain the girls, I make a big fuss over the little things, for example…a big tent with a picnic to watch a new movie. Really it's a few blankets, pillows and two chairs with little bowl of snacks in front of a movie they haven't seen before (usually Netflix saves the day).



IMG_0219.jpegA cosy den in the dining room


Broadband is the unsung hero in our house for when we want to get things done, and whilst we try to limit time with iPads, Netflix recently has been a big hit for movies and box sets. Another great app for entertaining kids is YouTube Kids, which gives peace of mind that all content is appropriate for little eyes and minds with some fabulous educational, fun videos on there too! This being said, it’s vital we have a strong and fast Broadband connection for seamless streaming across multiple devices and luckily we get speeds of up to 76 Mb/s on our EE Fibre Max Broadband plan.


For a giggle and a bit of grooving for the whole family the Just Dance Now app is perfect for a day at home or an evening entertaining. It can be streamed to the TV and has recent chart hits to boogie too while showing you what moves to pull. Nothing more amusing than a bit of dad grooving.


Whatever you are up to this half term, I hope it's the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation but most importantly filled with amazing memories!



IMG_4690.jpegA warming babycino at the beach


I would love to hear how you keep your family entertained throughout half term and any recommendations that you have. For your chance to win a £50 Vue cinema gift card, let me know your most unique suggestions in the comments below. Terms and conditions apply.


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Anna x


A projector or projector kit are great for an outdoor cinema - works really well inside a tent, even pitched up in the garden - remember the popcorn!

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What a great idea @oliveoyl72 Smiley Happy



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I had a lovely time with my children using the tiny beads that swell. My two spent the whole day making them, sorting colours, enjoying the sensory play and making picture scenes with them. We made some oragami creatures to put in our creations! IMG_1758.JPG


I work for a Fashion magazine and every summer me and the other Moms hold a Fashion Show in the garden, where the kids make their own clothes. Last year the theme was sequins and this year it’s tie-dye. Can’t wait for this year’s event. Move over LFW!


We like to embrace the outdoors whatever the weather. This week we made fairy houses at the local park; choose a tree and gather natural materials such as stones, fallen leaves and twigs to build a front garden at the base of the trunk. At Easter you can secretly add chocolate eggs for your kids to ‘find’! 

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Some amazing ideas @Flickabella36 @SuperChi @Glitterpops


Thank you all for sharing these Smiley Happy


They sound fab!


My daughters love drama and plays. So they act out a story eg: Goldilocks and 3 bears, Cinderella, little red riding hood, 3 little pigs, we’re going on a bear hunt etc. They love dressing up and acting the story out, we use simple props from home.  Sometimes I join in and other Times they rehearse and call us in to do their show! ( myself and hubby) it’s great fun, boosts their confidence aswell as brings stories to life and keeps them entertained for hours and hours. They love performing infront of us and family. 

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Rent a caravan for week and go on a roadtrip around the UK. Iconic sights, whilst also learning about our country's history. Start at Windsor castle, Stonhenge and then learn about the ancient Roman public baths in Bath. Travel to snowdonia national park where there are countless trails and a myriad of lakes, try your hand at climbing mount snowdon where you will have great views across the sea towards ireland. Drive towards Chester Zoo, then Liverpool, which homes the oldest black african community in the country as well as the oldest chinese community in Europe. Have a crazy day out at Blackpool pleasure beach, then chill out in a cozy log cabin at the lake district. Turn around and head towards the peak district, where both Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is mainly set. Spend the night there camping, and then back on the road to london, with a pit stop at Bletchley Park to learn about WW2 Heros including Alan Turing and Joan Clarke, and see The Bombe he created which broke the Enigma Machine, shortening the war by 2 years and saving 14-21 million lives. Finish the trip by going to the theatre and watching The Lion King.