New Community Manager imminent!
Former EE Community Manager

Hi everyone


After five eventful months as EE's Community Manager, I'm off to pastures new, so now's as good a time as any to say goodbye to all of you - and to make way for my lovely replacement, who'll be introducing himself very soon.


I'll be hanging around for a couple more weeks as a Moderator, and as well as making sure you're all still being nice to each other, I'll use that time to wrap up any outstanding user issues I've been working on.


With this in mind: if you think I owe you a message, or there's anything else I promised and haven't yet come up with, please let me know via PM!


The current system isn't 100% foolproof, unfortunately, and occasionally requests do fall through the cracks (we're working on dealing with this, as you'll see soon enough). Drop me one last PM and I'll do everything I can to get your issue sorted before I stride off, knotted hankie on a stick resting on my shoulder.


And if I can't quite get to the bottom of every query before I go, rest assured the new EE Community Manager will be getting a dossier containing everything he'll need to help you.


It's been a pleasure to have hung out with you on EE Community over the last few months - best wishes to you all Woman Happy


Charlotte x