Former EE Community Manager

Hi guys,


In this digital age, I thought I'd introduce myself via the medium of video... I'm Joe, the new EE Community Manager. Hopefully I haven't scared you off already with my face:





Very much looking forward to speaking to you all and making this a place to share help, information, and great content.

Say hello in the comments and do let me know any ideas you may have after watching the video above; I can't wait to get to know you all better.  


As I mentioned, we'll be undergoing something of an overhaul to make things much simpler. Throw your likes/dislikes this way so we can use your feedback to create a really functional, and even more buzzing community.


Rest assured, I'll be working closely with Charlotte on any recent issues you've been discussing, and making sure there are no loose ends. I think now's the time to say a huge thank you to her for all her hard work.

Thanks, and speak very soon!