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Back in May this year, EE launched their 5G service in 6 UK cities, and I was very lucky to be one of the first people to try it out using the OnePlus 7 pro 5G device.
I was really excited to both see what 5G offers and how good the OnePlus 7 pro was using the new technology.
5G brings three main benefits over using 4G :

Faster speeds: That means significantly faster transmission of images and videos. With 4G/LTE, downloading a high-definition movie might take several minutes. With 5G, it may take only seconds.

Shorter delays: : Though it’s not always noticeable, there is often a brief lag in time from when data is sent to when it’s received. 5G should reduce this so-called latency, making it possible, for example, to watch high-speed video with no delays or glitches.

Increased connectivity: Masts equipped with 5G technology have greatly increased capacity over 4G/LTE. That means more people — and more devices — should be able to communicate at the same time.

Overall, everything from streaming and gaming are going to be faster, smoother and better.

I took the 5G device into Manchester to test out the speeds and compare with my 4G iPhone. The speeds I got were fantastic compared to my 4G device. I managed speeds of 520mbps on the 5G compared to 79mbps on the 4G device. Everything seemed super fast in comparison and response was instant when browsing and and downloading .

The OnePlus 7 pro 5G phone is an amazing device. I’ve always used an iPhone and have dabbled with the odd Samsung but this device seems to have the best of everything rolled into one. The first thing that impressed me was on opening the box, there is a clear case included in the box so you can protect your device from the instant you get it. There is also a screen protector already fitted to the phone so no more trying to fit one yourself and get it perfectly straight with no dust trapped underneath. It makes me wonder why does nobody else do this as it’s a great little extra that I really appreciated.

The look of the phone is beautiful. A full edge to edge curved screen and the most beautiful colour on the casing. The nebula blue is beautiful to look at and the clear case shows it off really well.

With a 6.67 inch QHD+ resolution (3120 by 1440 pixels), the OnePlus 7 Pro delivers a truly cinematic experience. Videos and games look and feel better, with deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and crystal-clear details. The clarity is beyond amazing and they even scored an A+ from Displaymate , the highest possible score.

The camera is again, exceptional. With a 48MP rear triple lens camera with ultra wide angle lens we can all be the next David Bailey. It has f/1.6 aperture , dual OIS and 3 x optical zoom. Then we have the brilliant little pop up front portrait camera which glides up so smoothly and then back again once you’ve got the perfect photo. This keeps the whole device looking sleek without any unnecessary bulk and bulges.

The battery life on this is mind-blowing. I can literally go a good two days between charging despite fairly heavy use and with the warp charge it’s fully charged in just 30 minutes thanks to its 4000mAh battery.
With a 256GB memory and 8GB RAM, the performance on this device is brilliant. Whether it’s streaming content from your Netflix and Amazon apps or gaming, you will have a fast, smooth and responsive experience. I’m not usually into games but had to try a few out with this phone and graphics and experience are fantastic thanks to the technology fitted on the device.

Finally , the quality of the audio on this phone is the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s sharp, and you can really turn the volume right up. With dual speakers and Dolby Atmos it delivers crystal clear audio whether it’s music you’re playing or sound effects from games.

I’ve really enjoyed using this 5G phone so much and think it may be my next purchase instead of buying another Apple product. I love some of the brilliant little shortcuts built in such as drawing a circle on a locked screen to open the camera or drawing a V to activate the torch. It’s a fun , and serious little device that ticks all the boxes for the perfect phone.


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What about the health risks to women and their ovaries, and babies , small children? unborn a faster speed worth the risk??!

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Hi @NaomiPonponne


Please see our Is 5G safe? Your questions answered post for information on 5G, to help with your questions.