Tips to use your 6 free months of Apple Music with EE to help with your studying
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Need help getting through exam season? Trying to study from home and struggling to get into the right mood? Use Apple Music to find a soundtrack that can help you find your focus and with EE you can get six months for free and best of all the data's covered! (Terms and conditions apply)


It can be so difficult sometimes to get into the right zone for studying. It takes motivation and dedication to get started and keep going, and creating the right ambiance can often be the key to a great study or revision session. For me personally, this is key as I am in the final year of my degree with the Open University. As such, I am distance learning, so most of my work is completed at home and I really need to set the right scene to help me knuckle down for each study session.


So, let’s assume that you have cleared yourself a comfortable space to work, whether it be lounging on your bed or upright at your desk. You know what works best for you, but for me, I have to be at a clear desk with no distractions - I just cannot focus lying on the sofa, it feels too relaxed. You have your drinks, snacks and books to hand, ready to get your head down, but something’s missing? Ah yes, the noise.






Finding the perfect soundtrack


Background noise can often make or break a study session. It can be difficult to concentrate in silence, but then some noises can be distracting. Assuming you’ve managed to avoid sounds from other people and the television, it is probably also worth avoiding your favourite artists and the latest songs on the radio. These can get into your head and before you know it you’re singing along to them, or maybe even writing a lyric or two into your assignment. For this reason, it tends to be better to choose classical tracks or mood music.


If you know very little about classical music, do not panic as help is at hand. When popping over to the Music area on the Apple Music Library, you will see that you can browse songs using features like Themes and Moods to find curated playlists and new favourites. I love studying to classical music! From Handel’s ‘Water Music’ to Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ and Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, I listen to them all and they provide great background noise for when I need to get my head down. Simply search for composers, classical music or any tracks that you know you like and go from there.



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Adding to your personal library


You should have now managed to find playlists, albums and tracks that appeal to you. To ensure that you are good to go from now on for each study session, you can then add them to your personal library so that you always have them to hand - it’s just one less thing to think about as you settle down to study.


You can stream anything in the Apple Music collection onto your laptop, PC or mobile phone and you can easily download tracks to your personal library. This is great for listening offline, so as not to be distracted by social media - the greatest disturbance to many a study session and by far the greatest cause of my procrastination! It’s likely these tracks will eventually form the soundtrack to your studying and once they start you’ll immediately be in the right frame of mind to study, which can only be a good thing. It’s unlikely that music like this will distract you, and even if you find yourself humming along to it, you are still going to be taking in whatever you are reading. However, if you do catch yourself getting caught up in it, do stop and switch up that playlist. Remember, the music is there to put you in the right mood to study, not to distract you from it.


How about you? Do you normally listen to music whilst you study? Do you find it aids your concentration? We’d love to hear your top tracks to help you to stay focused in the comments below!






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