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We’ve all experienced it at some point – our phones run slower than usual, our friends are enjoying new features, and an ever-present notification glares at us in anticipation of a welcoming tap to install software updates on our mobile devices.


Four reasons why it’s essential not to delay:


1. Security enhancements and emergency fixes

Keep your phone secure and protect it against vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed.

2. New and improved functionality

Upgrading provide enhancements to improve the way you use your phone – things like camera enhancements, voice activated features, improved battery performance, new user interface and more.

Recent examples of operating system (OS) and device upgrades: Microsoft Cortana for older smartphones, 4K support for older Sony models, enhanced camera features on Android 5.0 and the introduction of WiFi Calling on compatible iOS, Windows and Android devices.

3. Compatibility

Some updates feature software allowing you to use your phone in conjunction with accessories like smart watches.

4. Feedback and improvements

Suppliers take feedback from customers once a model is launched, and make regular improvements to the device by way of critical software updates.


Don’t just take our word for it though. The EE Tech Team reached out to a few big manufacturers and got their take on the subject:




“Running the latest software gives you all the new features for Android and your HTC products as well as optimising your device to perform better with every release. You can check for new updates at any time on your device by going to “Setting>>About>>Check for Updates”.

If you want to keep an eye out for when the next exciting Android release is coming to your phone, head over to and we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect the next big thing from Android for your phone.”




“Making software updates available to our Sony Customers isn't just about providing the latest features or services, it's our way of addressing consumer feedback, by listening and acting on your user experiences and opinions, to ensure that you receive the best possible experiences with your Sony device and that it is kept secure and up to date.”




“We want all Lumia users to take full advantage of the latest software for their devices, that’s why all our Lumia Phones support wireless Over the Air (OTA) updates. This means that software updates are delivered directly to your phone from Microsoft, without the need for cables or computers; they are also totally safe to receive!   EE have made it even easier as you, allowing you to download over your mobile network at no cost or impact to your data bundle!  Not only is updating a simple process, we have also worked hard to make sure that your personal information is safely stored in the Microsoft Cloud – an OTA update does not remove your personal settings!  Remember to sign in with your Microsoft account and have back-up switched on and after the update, your phone will be back in your hands and set up just as it was before the update – only better!


Software updates bring many benefits; by keeping your phone on the latest software, you can get fresh new features and improvements, in many cases performance is increased and also, your feedback allows Microsoft to quickly correct any bugs that may be present.   We have a site that covers this and much more:  it’s a great place to see exactly what you could gain with just a couple of clicks”

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