by JanDee

Huawei P20 Pro not in stock!?!?

Right so i order a Huawei P20 pro on Monday night, told me expected delivery should be wednesday. Wednesday comes, no text, no phone. So just curious i call up EE to see if my phones on the way (i should also ad my tracking number was not working), they tell me that there was a problem with putting the order through, but that the phone was in stock and theyd dispatch it that day, meant to arrive today (Thursday). Again, no text, no phone. Ring them up again only for them to tell me that the phone is now out of stock (even tho they said it was and it would be dispatched yesterday), nd that i should expect to wait a week (or potentially more) for the phone. Im fine with waiting, however im not fine with being lied to. 

Why was it saying it was in stock (it now reads "Last Few Left", which it didnt the last 3 days). Has anyone else had similar issues, and did they get their phone after the week or did EE come up with more reasons for delay (which im expecting at this point)

by JanDee

Re: Huawei P20 Pro not in stock!?!?

EDIT: On the website is has only now come up showing out of stock

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