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There is no denying that we live in a digital age. Over the past 20 years, the internet has revolutionised the way we source and access information. Utilising it for entertainment, from apps, YouTube and social media.


Given that parents will access the internet for a host of reasons it is only logical that their children will also want to access some of the features too.


However when is the best time to do this and how do you choose the best tablet for kids?






When should I get my child a digital tablet?

When it comes to the question of when should we be introducing technology to children there is no right or wrong answer to this. Every child is different and the content that they want to access will be different too. As parents, we know our children and the levels of responsibility that they can handle at any given time. My three children have all accessed technology at different ages, as well as in different ways.



How to keep your children learning as well as entertained?

Introducing a digital tablet can be something that is not only a source of entertainment but also a learning tool. With a wide range of apps available via Google Play and the App Store tailored to the age of your child, you are able to make informed decisions as to whether the content will be suitable for their age group. With apps such as Netflix allow you to tailor access rights to content depending on age.






It’s worth remembering that not all screen time is created equal so whilst they may be accessing a gaming app on their tablet. It could be one that is teaching them how to code, testing their maths skills or encouraging them to be creative with drawing or design. Whilst they might want to access standard gaming apps too, it’s worth looking at their activity reports to see what they are accessing and how long they are utilising that content.


How to set up parental controls on a digital tablet

When it comes to setting up parental controls on your child’s tablet, it isn’t something that is difficult to complete and should only take you a few minutes. Although do take your time to look through each section and decide upon what restrictions you want to add for your child. From app access and screen time limits to whether they are able to download new content without you being notified.





  • Go to settings and tap screen time
  • Tap continue, then select “This is My Child’s [Device]"
  • Follow the prompts until you get to parent passcode and create a passcode. Re-enter it to confirm
  • Use a screen time passcode so that no one else can change the settings
  • Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your passcode, then turn on content & privacy




  • Open Google Play and tap the three horizontal lines at the top left
  • Scroll down and tap Settings, then scroll until you see parental controls
  • Tap it, and you’ll have to create a pin code. Enter it twice
  • You can now tap each category to set how restrictive you want it to be
  • Save at the bottom of each screen
  • Ensure to create a pin for app purchases





How expensive are digital tablets?

This is a difficult one as there are many different brands and models available. This really comes down to what you are looking for in a digital tablet and how it will be utilised. Things you want to consider when looking at the different tablets available:


  • Screen size: Will they be taking their tablet with them on adventures, so would a smaller screen be more portable. However, will they be streaming programmes and movies? And therefore would a bigger screen be more suitable


  • Camera: Is this a feature that your child will utilise? Whether they are using AR apps, taking selfies or looking to capture their adventures when out and about?


  • Memory size: Depending on how many apps, games and files they will be storing on their tablet you will need to look at what memory comes as standard? Can this be extended with the addition of a micro SD card?


  • Device protection: Does it come with a protective case to help guard against the slips and trips from little hands? Are you able to purchase a protective case to fit the make and model?



How can you keep children safe online?

Keeping children safe in the digital world is something that has been highlighted within the media and in schools. As parents, it is something that we have a responsibility to ensure as well as educating our children how they can protect themselves online. Internet Matters offers a wealth of guidance for parents on this subject as well as an online safety app that can be downloaded onto the children’s tablet. This can be used to educate your child on online safety.






What are your thoughts on when children should have access to technology? Join in the conversion by commenting below to be in with a chance to win a Samsung Tab 5e tablet..


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Our children all got tablets around 4-5 years old but they were very much locked down through parental controls and still are now.  Plus I'm really strict and only allow them access 2 hours a day.  


We found once they started school they needed them too since school sets homework online for them to complete.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend giving your child a tablet but would say be vigilant, keep checking what they are using them for and ensure that you set up parental controls well.


My children are two and one, but we have already started thinking about this. We haven't explicitly taught our two year old how to use our devices, but she is still able to access apps and enjoys swiping through our photographs, so see the pictures of our days out, We have deleted YouTube from our devices entirely as she was able to access that herself, and we were unhappy about the amount of unrestricted, unregulated content on there. 

Technology is part of modern life, so it's important that children are able to access it. It's our job as parents to monitor their use, and educate them to ensure that they know how to use it sensibly and safely, whatever their age. 


There’s so much choice available it’s hard to pick one particular one! I’ve always had iPads so I’d automatically think of one of these but I’ve been unhappy with apple lately and for that reason I would consider buying a Samsung tablet. They’re supposedly reliable and pretty hardy, which is important for clumsy kids!

As for the topic of technology in general I don’t think children can realistically be separated from technology. Even the strictest parents who may not allow them to have access to them at home can’t do anything about them playing on their friends tablets, phones etc at school or when they’re at their friends house. 

Because of this I think it’s better to embrace technology and it’s role in childhood. It doesn’t have to be a negative impact on their life. It can be hugely helpful to their education, and also a great tool when they just want to relax and play a game or watch an episode of their favourite tv show. 

Just be sure to regulate what they do and the times they use it! It’s great if you can turn off their WiFi access at bed time to stop them sneaking another episode of Top Gear when you’re not looking!


The internet age is well and truly with us, and as such children will be curious about screens and tablets from an early age. I think that limited and strictly supervised access should be allowed, but that this should be according to the parents' wishes and when they feel that the child is able to cope with the technology.


its a difficult one  we never had this choice in our day  kids seem to grow up too fast today , as parents we usually can judge when this time is due


My kids are so used to technology, they use it more than a pen and paper these days. Often chatting, homework and media is watched on a tablet for convenience or if someone is watching something else on the TV. I try to research the right type of tablet for the kids. Parental controls and time limits are really useful on a tablet as they limit screen time to a sensible level and give me peace of mind that the kids are watching appropriate content. I also like tablets that have a setting for different profiles, so the kids only access their own games and content and not things that are more geared towards adults.


On a glorious day like this they should be outside playing


There's no right or wrong answer, but I do believe there should be a healthy balsnce; they should play with their friends in reality, not just online. That said, children need access to the internet for the homework that school sets them these days, as well as recommended websites like Mathletics. I suppose my biggest bugbear is seeing children out with their parents (say in a restaurant) and they're just glued to a phone or tablet. Whatever happened to conversation and engaging with your children?!?!

Anyway, buying a tablet for a child means it shouldn't cost the earth, and it should be robust and have the ability to have plenty of parental controls. There's no point buying them a top of the range tablet - save that great for yourself!

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Ha, I don't have kids! That's a win!


But I really don't think kids of a young age should have iWhatNots and tablets. There is no need to give them the latest and expensive technology. 


I saw a girl give her crying child, who was in a pushchair, her iPhone so she would be quiet. Shoving a screen in their face is lazy parenting.

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My daughter has had one since she was under one. She used to watch my wife's iPad. She has had an android tablet since around 2, and could confidently use the basics from about 3. 

MrsRobson Contributor

iPad 2 they did have Amazon kids tablet  before but didn't last long

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The question is not really how soon they are allowed to use technology, if they are capable then using technology can only be a good thing.

The real question is with regards to both the support and control exercised by parents.  Parents need to show youngsters how to use technology correctly, so that they get the most out of it.  Parents also need to exercise control of what their children are doing and set reasonable limits to the amount of time they are using technology.  Parental controls are a given, but more importantly parents should be present and using the technology with their children - the technology should never become the electronic babysitter while mum and dad do something else.


Don't think it's so much when but how they use it. Set boundaries at the beginning and adapt to what happens


It's a way of life now so familiarity is needed. But a generation have grown up without learning boundaries on usage. Kids need to be raised knowing it's just a tool, there is life off-screen as well.


My son uses the internet but has time limits.  I think it's important they have the best of both.


We tend to forget how the world has changed - so it is probably wise to get them started early - but try to make it fun and educational


I guess it's all about balance. This balance should be between fun, education, safety and well being. Balances are difficult to acheive with kids and devices but they're growing up with them and they will continue to exist for a long time to come. Key thing for me is teaching them about being safe and having fun whilst still staying fit and playing outside.


We must be careful not to hold children back from learning because things were different when we were younger. They must be fully equipped for thier future and not held back by our past.


My 7 year old has had a tablet since he was 4, I believe it was.the right age because they use them in school and so he had a basic idea of the technology. I used the parental controls on play store although these are not always as good as you think, I once saw a recommended game for him - it was PEGI3 - and it was something to do with guns! I sent feedback and never saw it again. I put app locks on and so he cannot access YouTube only the kids one. He loves playing on his tablet and it does cause rows when he doesn't want to turn it off - but he's also learnt a lot from using it. One thing I know is that I'm going to do my best to keep him away from social media, that's the scary thing for me

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My kids have had a tablet since they were about 4 but always with parental controls on and trying to limit their screen time as much as possible. Used responsibly tablets and the internet are vital for our kids to become familiar with in an increasingly digital age!


Mine have had access to technology since they were able to use it but it has been controlled by us.


The skills that they develop are important in everyday life nowadays so they need the opportnuity to use it.


We have always been very clear about how to use technology safely though and they are now teenagers and use their devices responsibily.


As much as it upsets me that my kids want to be on their phones/tablets so much, it reassures me when they are out knowing that I can contact them. 


If I had it my way, never! haha

technology can be great for learning as well so I will incorporate it in my kid's lives for that reason! maybe from about 4 or 5. and will keep strict controls on it.


its has to be Amazon kids tablet because comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee


Children should be provided access to technology early. Due to the potential in their future. However it has to be Supervised and timed while they are underage. Locking the tablets down is key to this also.