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We're delighted to announce that all our new and existing will soon have access to a blockbuster film rental every week for just £1 with leading digital entertainment streaming service EE Film Club launches on 30 March and will allow customers to choose from a wide range of films – including new releases – via the app and desktop platform.




YouGov research, commissioned by EE, shows that the appetite for digital entertainment is growing:


  • A third of UK adults who watch films have downloaded or streamed content in the last week
  • Over 50 per cent download or stream films and TV every month
  • 50 per cent of those streaming digital entertainment content cite ease and convenience as the main reason for choosing to do so – alongside the fact that it offers more control around what the viewer chooses to watch and when they watch it

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, said: “More people than ever before are downloading and streaming movies so they can watch at home or on the go. With 1 in 3 UK adults enjoying digital entertainment every week - and this number is only going to grow - our viewing habits are clearly evolving. This reaffirms our commitment to put customers first as we deliver a series of new offers in 2015. The new weekly £1 film offer launches at the end of March and is set to be a box office hit with our customers.”


You can read the full press release here.