Apps of the Week #4: Skyfall spy tools
Former EE Community Manager

We like to think we’ve got a pretty good view of what’s happening in the world of apps. But sometimes it’s not easy to navigate the winding roads of Appville, so we thought you might appreciate a few timely tips.


Each week we’ll bring you three great apps, all focusing on a particular area of your life – from food and films to fun gadgets and furry creatures. How does that sound? Exactly.


This week we’ve been celebrating James Bond thriller Skyfall, which has rocketed to the top of the EE Film Store’s download list! So we thought you’d enjoy a handful of spy-based apps (to be used responsibly and not for anything illegal)…

  1. Spy Gizmos
    Need to communicate with associates without any old Tom, Dick or Silva understanding? Spy Gizmos will turn any SMS into a coded message before sending (obviously the recipient needs the app too), or even translate your urgent missive into Morse code. It also transforms your iPhone (no Android yet) into a motion sensor to track any movement within the camera’s gaze.
    Spy Gizmos for iOS

  2. SDM
    If you’re a fan of Whatsapp you’ll already be aware of the benefits of IM over old-school texting on your mobile. But what if the messages you sent self-destructed as soon as they’d been read? That’s what SDM – Self-Destructing Message, of course – can do for you. You can choose various countdowns to self-destruction, lasting up to a minute.
    SDM for iOS

  3. Ear Spy
    Sometimes you just can’t get close enough to your target to be able to hear what they’re saying, but help is at hand. Ear Spy bills itself as “the ultimate eavesdropping app” and goes a fair way towards justifying its claim. Simply plug your headphones in and aim your phone’s mic in the right direction – you can fine-tune the signal using the in-built graphic equaliser.
    Ear Spy for Android


Already using one of these spy-friendly apps? Any others you think everyone should know about? Let us know!


Stay tuned next week when we’ll be bringing you three more tasty apps.