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How do I unpair my Apple Watch from my EE iPhone?

If you need to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone, this post will give you all the information you need;


When you unpair your Apple Watch this will revert the watch back to factory settings.

Your iPhone will create a backup of your Apple Watch.



Follow the steps below to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone:


  • Hold your iPhone and Apple Watch close together


  • Open the 'Watch' App on your iPhone


  • Make sure you're in the 'My Watch' tab and touch the banner at the top of the screen that has the name of your watch in it.


  • Tap  apple unpair I.pngnext to the Apple Watch that you would like to unpair


apple watch unpaired 2.png



  • Tap 'Unpair Apple Watch'


unpair 2.png



  • If you're unpairing because of an issue you've been having, or you have upgraded to a new iPhone then you don't need to remove the data plan. At this point you will need to select ‘Keep Data Plan’


  • If you're pairing to another iPhone or are selling your watch, you would select ‘Remove Data Plan’


  • Tap to confirm and then enter your Apple ID and password to complete the unpairing.


  • Now your Apple Watch will be ready to pair again.


For information on pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone see our post here>

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