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iPhone 5 unlock?

Hi all

I have an iPhone 5 that i upgraded from my 4S. I have now swirched to EE. But my phone is locked and im going on holiday on the 14th. Will ee unlock it. Note i got my phone in october
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Re: iPhone 5 unlock?

I seem to recall that you may have to have been with EE for at least a month. you can then pay £16 to get it unlocked. It can take a maximum of 2 weeks for apple to unlock your phone. So I don't think it will be ready in time for your holiday.
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Re: iPhone 5 unlock?

I bought a iphone 5 from ebay. It's an upgrade phone from EE.  My network is Lebara. I want to unlock this phone. what should I do? The unlock is permanent or not ? After unlocking, can I use any network I want ? And what if i upgrade the ios system from itunes?  Is it still unlocked?

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Re: iPhone 5 unlock?

Network unlock is best to do through your carrier.
That way unlock is permanent !
Ring the airtime company it is locked too !
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Re: iPhone 5 unlock?

Lebara can be used on Vodafone locked iPhones .

It's better if you ask the seller from eBay to unlock it for you as this is a contract upgrade phone.

The phone itself has to be active on EE's network for three month (That's was orange's rule, not sure about EE) , otherwise they can't unlock your phone as they can't see it on their network.