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PUK code

I had a blackberry before the htc which i am using at the moment. I went to go on my blackberry the other day to get a number off it and i have now locked my blackberry. Will i be able to ring up and get a puk code even though the blackberry is not the phone which my contract is registered with? 

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Re: PUK code

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A PUK code only unlocks a PIN protected SIM card which has had the PIN number entered incorrectly more than 3 times.


Are you using the same SIM card in both handsets?  If so, is your SIM card still working in the HTC?


It sounds like you have locked yourself out of the Blackberry handset O/S which a PUK code wont unlock.  Having never used a Blackberry, I would guess your only option would be to factory restore the Blackberry to get back into it, which will delete everything though.

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