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Contact EE via email

Is there any contact email address for EE? After spending half an hour looking online I cannot find one. I would call them but my signal is so **bleep**e it will cut out after less than a minute, am still not getting 4g after 3 weeks. I live in central London according to their webiste the signal is great there, not if you want to make a phone call!

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Re: Contact EE via email

Unfortunately there is no email address; you can try via facebook and twitter.


Though when you do communicate via these means again this also takes time before anyone gets back to you!


All I would suggest is you keep trying to get through!  But if you do you will have done better than most, EE a company putting the customer first - I think not!

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Re: Contact EE via email

Their employee email format is


Now just pick the board member of your choice from their corporate site and off you go.