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Re: Stop Funding Hate

@dean_h wrote:

@Northerner wrote:


You should read some history, people / groups have hated each other for thousands of years, the only difference now is that people can play the victim card to promote their shallow life to gain up votes on social media. 


Ha, now I know you are just a sad wum. You took it a bit far there, I think you could have had me a bit longer. 


No wum here. As expected now comes the insults.... Am I a target now?  I don't agree with you so I'm the enemy.



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Grand Master

Re: Stop Funding Hate

@dean_h  forgive me for jumping in on this,  but that’s your opinion on those newspapers.  You have the right to think that but you do not have the right to tell others what they can and can not do otherwise you just as bad as the newspapers that you are on about.        

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Re: Stop Funding Hate

It is an opinion and if you agree with Dean then have a look at If you don’t agree with Dean then don’t go there as it will only make you angrier. 

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