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Positive Feedback

As a new EE customer (as of Sunday) I was wary of the network swap and wasn’t sure what to expect when I called the 150 number for help with my contract and I was actually very close to cancelling the contract altogether.

I called 150 yesterday evening and I believe i was transferred to somebody based in Ireland.

Having been on the phone for about 4 hours to my previous network and getting absolutely nowhere with the phonecalls and getting stressed out, I was dreading the call to EE which was unfamiliar territory for me.

Fortunately when my call was connected to the EE team I was welcomed by the friendliest of voices and the gentleman put all my worries at ease, answered any questions I had and seemed genuinely happy to help.

I was so relieved to speak to somebody that didn’t sound robotic or pushy and was able to help me sort out my issues that I even cried with relief down the phone! 

I would like to thank the gentleman once again for all the help, although I don’t imagine this message will ever get back to him as I didn’t catch his name - all i know is he was working yesterday and had an Irish accent! If anybody is able to trace my phonecall I would be happy to provide details of the call just so he can get some recognition. 


This is only day 3 of being an EE customer but so far I am impressed with the customer service provided (especially compared to other networks!) and I am glad I decided to make the switch.

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Re: Positive Feedback

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Hi @Alis0nmc1


Thanks for joining the EE Community to share this feedback.


Because I loved the fact you came here to share your feedback , I'm going to send you a gift voucher via email.


I'll send you a private message in a moment to get your details.


Keep up the great work – it’s the people here who make this community a great place to be!




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