by Jpetrie

I wanted to take a moment and thank EE

I wasn't really sure where to post this. 


EE have been by far the best company I have used in terms of customer service. 


I was quite happy with Three, but switched to EE for some reason a while ago. The experience I have received has been nothing but excellent. 


Occasionally I used to exceed my monthly data usage, when I called up EE would offer me more, for free. I did this a few times and eventually just upgraded my account for a reasonable fee, I no longer have this issue. 


4G and signal is much better than any provider I have ever used. Internet is also much quicker.


Unfortunately I recently lost my job and required surgery, which has left me struggling financially. I'm two months behind. I haven't been bombarded with phone calls. They haven't me off yet. I spoke to someone today who was very helpful. I explained the situation I'm in. They said my line may get cut soon but if I speak to them or make a small payment they can extend it. It's just a much better experience than other providers where your service is cut immediately until you can pay. 


 I have moved my partner's broadband from Talktalk to EE and more recently encouraged her to take a contract with them. I have also encouraged both my parents to do the same. Both my grandparents have now switched over from o2 to EE. My brother will also be doing the same at renewal.


I will also continue to do the same and recommend EE to anyone who asks. I think they are a fantastic company. It would be nice if all companies did the same and not just ones in the telecoms industry. 


I've never had such a positive experience with a company that I felt compelled to go online and rant about it. 


So thank you for the great customer service, it really has been refreshing. 


EE Employee

Re: I wanted to take a moment and thank EE

Hi @Jpetrie and welcome to the community.


Thank you for the very positive feedback you have presented today.


I hope we can help you whenever you call.


Many thanks,



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