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EE - 5 Star Customer Service

Dear EE staff, 


I've just resolved a query over the phone with two EE customer service/tech staff and once again I have come away with big smiles from the support I received. This isn't the second, nor third nor fifth time I've felt like a valued customer, but have done for however long I've been with EE. 


I wanted to write with this feedback because recently it's become clear what makes them stand out amongst competitors. I recently upgraded my phone (always on EE) and changed over my broadband and TV to EE, with ease (and a great deal!). My reason for changing to EE was because after approaching the end of my contract with the current provider, I was told that they couldn't better my deal and suggested I sign up again under a new name to receive a new customer deal. 


I also took out a pay monthly sim card for my sister who was abroad for a few months. After one month we realised the cost was too high for what she was using so I requested a lower cost deal. I was given a discount on the pay monthly sim and when I thanked the man for the deal, he mentioned it was because I was a long standing, loyal EE customer who they are happy to help get the best plan possible. 


What astonishes me is, most companies have no idea how to look after and retain customers by rewarding their loyalty, but in fact chase new customers with their entry deals. This day and age is about undercutting the competition with one-off deals to get signups but not thinking about long-term service and retention.


I want to thank and applaud EE for making me feel valued each time I call/upgrade/take out a new product. This is rare. I myself work in client services and have experienced first hand what loosing customers to the new big deal/offer feels like. For me, the EE brand is synonymous with 5 star customer service and will continue to be my provider of choice and recommendation.  


Many thanks and long may it continue, 



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Re: EE - 5 Star Customer Service

Hi @lbeverley


I will certainly pass over this feedback to the relevant team.


Many thanks,



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Star Contributor

Re: EE - 5 Star Customer Service

Hello lbeverley and welcome to the community.


It is super, especially as I am both an EE customer and a helper on this forum, to hear such positive feedback and I am sure one of the EE community staff will pass on your experiences.


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Re: EE - 5 Star Customer Service

Hello Ibeverley:) Your post of appreciation was great to see. I have just posted on the question of showing gratitude to EE Staff. I wonder if you might look at and possibly comment on that post? Thank you very much. 


(it's under the topic "Your ideas to improve the Community)

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Re: EE - 5 Star Customer Service

Hi @GedM


I have replied on your thread.


Many thanks,



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