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Etiquette and guidelines for the EE Community

We want you to enjoy the community, and we care about your safety, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our community etiquette and guidelines. 



  • Everything on this website is publicly visible online - remember that anyone could be reading.

  • Take care with personal details and information that could identify yourself, your family and friends.

  • Please don’t share personal details such as your phone numbers, full name, email address, home or work addresses, PINs or IMEIs, credit card details, transactional information about your EE account or any other account numbers.

Show some love


  • Say thank you! When someone goes out of their way to lend a hand, these two words go a long way.


  • Tap the ‘Helpful’ icon beneath a post as a way of saying thanks for providing great information. This also helps other members quickly spot the best information:





  • When a member's response is so helpful that it solves your issue, tap the ‘Solution’ button - this highlights the solution for everyone else to see:




  • Give people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Be nice to each other, and listen to the person behind the words. 

  • Assume good will - most misunderstandings arise from the text-based format of the discussion. You can't hear someone's tone of voice through text.

  • Share your opinions tactfully, and respect the opinions of others.

  • Keep conversations on-topic.

  • Allow others to have a voice, and avoid dominating conversations.

  • Avoid posting the same message in multiple boards across the community. Let the Community Team know if you need help finding the best place to start a new topic. Answers may not be instant, so make sure you have your notifications switched on and give the community a little time to answer.

  • Please don’t SHOUT USING ALL CAPITALS. We do understand that some members may need to do so for other reasons so we would appreciate it if you were sympathetic to users who do use all capitals.

When things go wrong


  • Spirited debates and discussion are welcome - unnecessary rudeness or disrespect isn’t.

  • If something makes you upset or angry, walk away from the computer or phone for a bit so you can continue the discussion later, in a more composed state. 

  • Avoid posting hostile and insulting comments - these will be removed by the community moderators, and consistent pots in this vein may lead to a user ban.

  • Keep your comments clean and avoid swearing.

  • Ridiculing sexuality, gender, religion, race, nationality, political values, physical or mental abilities, social status, etc., will not be tolerated.



  • Report a post by tapping "Report post", just to the left of the offensive post:

report post.png



  • Please don't discuss moderator decisions or actions in public.

  • Abusing or gaming the system may result in a ban.

  • When banned, a plan for your return to the community will be agreed. After returning, further infringements may result in a permanent ban.

  • Serious offenses may incur an immediate and permanent ban.


The legal bit


  • When registering to the community all members agree to our Terms of Service



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