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About the EE Community

The EE Community is where our customers get together to ask and answer questions, share ideas, swap tips and find inspiration - 24/7.


The basics


  • Community Stars are EE customers. Some of our most helpful members, they’ve graciously shared their knowledge with thousands of people just like you.

  • The EE Community Support Team keep a watchful eye on the community, stepping in when members need a helping hand to find accurate, official information from EE.

    If a situation means EE needs personal details from you, they’ll connect you to a private place to chat online with our Customer Service team.

  • Some posts are noted as ‘Solutions’ or as being ‘Helpful’ - these are likely to contain the most useful information for you

  • To start topics or join conversations, please register to use the community.

  • We want you to enjoy the community, and we care about your safety, so take a moment to read our community etiquette and guidelines.


Tips from our Community Stars


  1. Search

    Chances are, your question has been asked before and a solution has been found.

    Use the search feature before starting a new conversation.

  2. Help us help you

    Provide as much information as you can, and if you don’t know what to say, don’t worry - our Stars and other knowledgeable members will ask a few questions to guide you.

  3. Let us know we’ve helped

    A smile is the universal sign of kindness.

    Tap the ‘Helpful’ button beneath a post as a way of saying thanks.

    When a person’s response is so helpful that it solves your issue, tap the ‘Solution’ button - this highlights the correct solution for everyone to see.

We hope you enjoy the community!






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