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unlock phone

Hi I have recently swapped to o2 and with my new contract came an iPhone. As I took my number with me I used the phone with my ee sim until today the swap-over was completed. Only to find out however that ee has now locked my new phone to ee! 

What do I do to get it unlocked quickly? As this was done instantly when I turned the phone on the first time, I would presume it is equally as quickly undone again!?


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Re: unlock phone

Hello @G04G0AL sorry to hear you are having problems with your new device locking to the wrong network. Your quickest route would be to call customer service with the new devices IMEI number on 0800 956 6000 using options 2, 4 who can look in to this for you. 🙂

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Re: unlock phone

@G04G0AL   You never put a different network SIM card in a device for the first time you always put the network SIM card that your going to use in that device first.     As you got this from a 3rd party seller the device is a sim fee device and will lock to the network that the first SIM card is on that's put in the device. 


You will need to call customer services and explain what you've done.  It will probably take up to 10 days to complete as this is EEs unlock time scale.  

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