by RebeccaW141

my iphone was stolen, I received a replacement. Now old phone has been returned.

My phone was stolen and EE put a block on it and sent a replacement phone but now the phone has been found and is going to be returned to me.


I know that once I receive it I will have to send it to EE but I'm wondering, if I took it to an EE store, could they transfer the photos/documents off the old phone to my new phone before I send it back, as I lost them along with the phone. (I was stupid and didn't use iCloud to back them up)


Also, will I get the excess that I paid back?? I'm just asking as I'm a student and it would be greaaaaat if I would get it back. 

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: my iphone was stolen, I received a replacement. Now old phone has been retur

Hello @RebeccaW141


Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community today. Smiley Happy


I would recommend you contact customer service and explain to them that your old phone has been located and will be returned to you.


Hopefully they will be able to stop the replacement phone from being sent to you or you might be able to return the replacement phone to them. They will then be able to remove your old phone from the blacklist and you will be able to continue using your old phone and you shouldn't have any need to transfer any photos or data across. Smiley Very Happy


I also recommend you activate iCloud backup on whatever phone you do end up using in the future as you never know when things can go wrong. Smiley Happy

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