by EHoodfar
New Member

missing unlock code for my device

Dear Sir/Madam
I have not received the cod to unlock my device (Samsung S6) IMEI ***************).
Please note, the first request submitted on 30th of July.
I have requested to unlock the same device today for the second time as I haven't received the code.
Could you please make sure to not charge me twice for the same request? 
I am looking forwards to hearing from you soon.
Elina Hoodfar
Mod Edit: [please don't post personal information]
by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: missing unlock code for my device

@EHoodfar   This is a public forum not customer services you don’t post your information on here. 

you will need to call customer services about this.  

just to ask where did you get the device from ?  

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