by Becken_92

Unlocking device online form broke?

I have been at this for over an hour now and had the same issue for weeks. I moved to australia over a month ago and haven't yet been able to unlock my phone so to get an Australian phone number/ sim card as I keep hitting the same wall, everytime i fill in the information requested of me, and it says it cannot recognise my devices phone number ( I've literally been with EE since it was orange for over 10 years and had the same number the whole time so clueless to why this is?) so when entering my IMEI number which I have entered over 10 times to makes sure it's correct, IT IS. and then NOTHING i press continue but nothing happens, as though the site is down. 

So my question is how do i get over this, I am still paying for EE services even though i am not using ANY of the data or calls/texts on my plan and the very least they could do is allow me to unlock my phone so i can put a sim card of the correct country in but I cannot until it's unlocked. I am absolutley not calling 150 and being left of hold for god knows how long charging me a small fortune, the website is there to be used and it should simple just work so I refuse to folk out for an issue they don't seem to have fixed for weeks. I am due for an upgrade aswell which obviously I won't be making use of. 
thank you for any help with this matter, I would love to get it resolved ASAP. Thanks again! 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Unlocking device online form broke?

@Becken_92. Have your tried clearing your browser history as the online from does work.   Because your not going to upgrade are you wanting end your EE contract?  If you are you’ll need to give notice to end that contract,  you can call or write to EE to give that notice but if you write the notice period will start when EE receives that later.   If you don’t give notice your contract will change that a 30 day rolling tariff. 



You can send the letter to 


EE Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom


you being with orange/EE for a long has nothing to do with the device IMEI number as that number is unique to each and every device in the world.  So you have to enter it correctly ( no spaces between numbers).   



to add not using any of the tariff allowance that your paying for because of your location has no bearing on anything as you agreed to a contract and that length of term. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Unlocking device online form broke?

Did you originally buy this device yourself new direct from EE/Orange or from a 3rd-party reseller? The process & costs are different.

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