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Unlocking a bricked blackberry priv



Its a bit of a dated topic but I'd like my son to have use of my old EE blackberry priv.


The problem is that he has made a google account, to which the phone is locked, and has forgotten the password AND the specific gmail he created (he made one for this reason)


1.  We have tried every permutation of password and login, its totally lost.

2.  We can't find the gmail he used.


I had a previous google account when I owned the phone


3.  The phone refuses to unlock with my older account.

4.  Internet tricks to bypass the google login protection don't work.

5.  Google are extremely difficult to get hold of and have effectively refused to help.

6.  It seems you can't jailbreak a Blackberry Priv.


Any ideas before we use the phone as a drinks coaster?  Its such a shame, the Priv isn't the fastest or best phone but the keyboard slide is a great toy.


Thanks for any help.

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Grand Master

Re: Unlocking a bricked blackberry priv

@Phoneio  until you remember all the details used to access this device unfortunately there is nothing you can do.  

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Re: Unlocking a bricked blackberry priv

I guess it doesn't even have eBay value then other than parts...

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