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Unlocking Conflict

I’m confused and just a little bit agitated with the conflict of information I’m receiving from EE.  My 24 month contract is up very shortly and in the interests of economy I have decided to go SIM only with another provider.  So at some stage I will need to get my iphone unlocked which I thought would have been done after reading on the EE website that after 1st September 2015 this process will be done automatically.  While speaking with a member of the call centre I mentioned this and he denied all knowledge of this automated process and just kept saying he will send a form and I will need to pay £8.99 to get it done.  I tried directing him to the website but he flatly refused to either investigate or direct me to a more senior operative.  Can anyone please clarify this situation for me – is it automatic or is it a manual process which costs.  Many thanks.

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Grand Master

Re: Unlocking Conflict

@Otterboy43  That’s iPhones purchased after that date get unlocked automatically at 21 months.  It’s free and you’ll not need to pay at all.    I highly recommend that you call again and you should get through to someone that knows this rule. 


If you got the device from a different source not directly through EE there will be a charge as EE only unlock devices they they supply you for fee 

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Re: Unlocking Conflict

Many thanks for your response Chris.  My 24 month contract is up on 19th Feb so I intend to arrange the changeover soon after that.  I have advised EE of my intentions and received a PAC number.  I was just feeling a bit jittery about the unlocking procedure but from what you say I should be OK and my phone should have been unlocked after 19th Nov 2017.   I'll speak to EE again and hope I get a more knowledgeable operative.  Thanks again.

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Re: Unlocking Conflict

Hi @Otterboy43,


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As @Chris_B said, if you purchased your iPhone direct from EE, it will already be unlocked as you have had it over 21 months.


Find out more about unlocking your EE phone >


Hope this helps.



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