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Sim Unlock IMEI number not recognised

I have a phone bought a few years ago from T-Mobile that's SIM locked. I'd now like to unlock it, but when I enter the IMEI number on the online form it says "Sorry - we can't unlock this phone as we don't recognise it as being locked to EE, Orange or T-Mobile."


It's definitely locked to T-Mobile, so how can I get it unlocked if it's not recognised by the system?

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Grand Master

Re: Sim Unlock IMEI number not recognised

EE Employee

Re: Sim Unlock IMEI number not recognised

Good Afternoon @navilight


What model phone is it?


What error do you get when you try another network SIM card in the phone?


As @Chris_B advised if the device is definitely locked to T-Mobile you'll need to speak to Customer Services.


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

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