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Purchased a blacklisted phone

Hi I bought an s8+ from buy and sell page on Facebook for £450 I have the sellers address and name and messages to prove I have bought the phone. It has now been blacklisted and they are saying it stolen. What do i do next? I have all the messages where they admit I paid them when I messaged to confront them. EE is the network that has barred it. Surely they can't take money from me then claim there insurance as stolen and now I can't use the phone?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Purchased a blacklisted phone



Take all your evidence to the police as you are a victim of crime. If the police won't do anything you will have to look to issue small claims court proceedings against the seller, that is if they don't vanish. 


There is nothing EE can do and they will not unblock the phone. 


It's a harsh lesson to learn, but you should have purchased from a reputable retailer and preferably with a credit card to offer additional protection. 





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