by mfidan

Port incomplete



The last time I tried to move my number to EE (October last year) it took 3 weeks. I'm praying it's not the same this time round, but it's already got off to a bad start.


I ported my number to EE Business from Vodafone last Friday. The transfer was meant to have happened yesterday.


Just before 10AM yesterday my old phone number (the one I want to keep) went dead. No service.


Since then, the SIM with the new (temporary) EE number (in an iPhone 7 Plus) stopped being able to make or receive calls or SMS messages. 3G data (and therefore iMessage) still works.


When I try to make any calls from the new SIM card (including 150) I get a "You've dialled an incorrect number" recording. Similarly if anybody tries to call me, either on the old number I want to keep, or the new temporary number, the line just goes dead, or they're given the same recording about dialling an incorrect number.


I have already:


  1. Turned the phone with the new SIM card off and on dozens of times over the past 24 hours.
  2. Turned off both iMessage and Facetime, gone into Settings > Phone and manually changed the number from the temporary one to the old number I want to keep, before turning the phone off, waiting for 30 minutes, and then turning back on.
  3. As soon as the phone turns on and I try to re-activate either iMessage or Facetime, the number just reverts to the new temporary EE number.


I've been through this process with other networks several times before with no issues. I only ever have this issue with EE.


The port has clearly not gone through.


Other solutions that aren't feasible:


  1. I can't call 150 (or any other number, see above).
  2. I can't seem to access Live Chat (in any case as it's a Small Business line I don't think they'd be able to help).
  3. I can't create a MY EE account as the verification text messages aren't getting through. Interestingly the temporary EE number is not recognised when I try to create an account, but the old number I want to keep is.


Would I be too optimistic in thinking that a member of EE staff checks the forum and might be able to help?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Port incomplete

Hi @mfidan,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear your number transfer hasn't completed yet.


You are correct in saying that our chat teams can't currently assist with business account queries.


If you get in touch with customer services from an alternative phone, they'll be happy to look into this for you.


If you don't have access to another phone, please visit your nearest EE store and they'll be happy to connect you with customer service.


Hope this helps.



by metaphase

Re: Port incomplete

Sadly, over a year later from you, I've had exactly the same experience.


Tech support (incl L2) have been unable to solve, is now waiting for an engineer - they apparently don't work weekends so won't get picked up until Monday and could take a few days after that.  All for a port that was meant to go through on Thursday!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Port incomplete

@metaphase  Issues in porting numbers can and do happen and this is with every network not just EE.  

by metaphase

Re: Port incomplete

I appreciate issues can happen but to have total loss of phone number for a week isn't acceptable in the modern age of SMS 2FA, etc.  My issue is more with the inaction for many days (esp over the weekend) due to staffing issues/policy decisions rather than anything technical.  Spending 1h15m on the phone trying to sort it over the past few days (~45m of that spent on hold) is also part of the reason I'm not best pleased.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Port incomplete

Hi @metaphase,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear there has been a delay in porting your number.


You've done the right thing in contacting technical support. They'll make sure this is sorted out as quickly as possible for you.





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