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NCK code



I have the samsung S10+ from EE, it's a dual sim. I want to use as the second sim my sim card which is not EE. Any possibility to get the NCK unlock code? Thank you

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Re: NCK code

Hi, @Damek you can request an unlock after 6 months, but not before that.

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Re: NCK code



Assuming that the rule for the second SIM slot is that same, then the following rules apply:



    be the EE account holder for the device


    have had the device at least six months


    have paid your bill up to date


    have not reported the device as lost or stolen



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: NCK code

@winston yes it the same rules.


Which really defies the point of dual sim phones.


Many people have them to have work and personal sim cards and your work isn't always going to have the same network as you.

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