by Sarah275

Limbo: between unlocking

I’m trying to unlock the phone my husband uses from Vodafone to EE I have the code but it didn’t work in the EE shop so I tried to obtain a correct one while in the shop on Vodafone chat service. I was given the same number and I told them it didn’t work. 

They said they would refer it and both they and EE suggested doing it again today and as we’ve had a message from EE to say that the number has been transferred today. So we tried the number didn’t work.  We have used up all the tries and now have a phone in limbo not working on either network and I will be charged twice and he won’t have a phone for work if it carries on. Neither EE or Vodafone seems able to help. So I’m hoping one of you know the secet ingredient of us having a workin phone. I have 2 others that work wonderfully on EE and want this one to do the same. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Limbo: between unlocking

Hi @Sarah275 and welcome to the community.


You would need to speak to Vodafone in regards to this as they can only provide you with the correct code for their own device.


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by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Limbo: between unlocking

@Sarah275   I would highly recommend that you go into a Vodafone store and get them to help you as it’s the device that you’re trying to unlock from their network 

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