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How to unlock your EE pay monthly phone or device

All phones and devices purchased as part of an EE contract are locked to our network.


In this post you’ll find information on the criteria you must meet to unlock your phone or device and how to request an unlock.


You can also watch this brief video:



From 01 August 2017 any Apple device which was purchased directly from EE on or after 1 September 2015 will be unlocked automatically once the device reaches 18 months old.

This means you may not need to request your device to be unlocked if the Apple device was purchased on or after 1 September 2015.


You can now check the lock status of your EE Apple device via the online unlock request form or by texting UNLOCK to 150, using an EE SIM card.


If your Pay Monthly Apple device is locked, you can now unlock this directly through My EE online, simply login when directed.



Unlocking a pay monthly device


  • You must have had the device on your contract for a minimum of 6 months.


  • Have no outstanding balance on your account.


  • The device must not be blacklisted (reported lost or stolen).


  • If the contract for the device is now complete, the request will be free of charge.


  • If you’re still within contract the cost will be £8.99.


  • You’ll need the IMEI number of the device (you can enter *#06# on the device to get this).




There are two ways to request the unlock:


1. Using the online unlock request form >


2. Give Customer Care a call >


For information on pay as you go see - How to unlock a pay as you go phone or device >


If you have any further questions – please ask below.

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