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How to change from Orange to EE

I have a PAYG Orange sim, a few months back I ordered an EE sim to replace it but couldn't get it to work when I put it in the phone, so gave up!

Now I understand that I need to get the phone unlocked from Orange, but my local shop wants to charge £20, is there a cheaper way to do it?
TBH the phone probably isn't worth £20, I only keep it for emergencies.


As EE/Orange are closing down will they arrange the unlocking?


Thanks for any help, I am a total simpleton in these matters 😄

by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Re: How to change from Orange to EE

Hi @JillianP



Is it simple way to transfers your number from Orange to EE. You don’t need buy extra cell phone to transfer number or if you need to buy. Put into phone ordered EE SIM card and switch on phone then make a call phone to EE customer service and follow they instructions , they are happy to help you. 

by JillianP Investigator

Re: How to change from Orange to EE

Thanks, but when I put the new sim in it's not recognised so I can't call from that phone.

Can I call support from a landline, and what are the charges?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: How to change from Orange to EE

@JillianP  To unlock a device you can call customer services if you got the device yourself from Orange it’s free to have it unlocked.  If the device was got from elsewhere then it will cost you £8.99.  It takes upto 10 days to process a unlock request. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: How to change from Orange to EE

Hi @JillianP,


Welcome back to the community.


That's great advice from @Chris_B, please get in touch with customer services so a member of the team can get your phone unlocked for you.





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