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How do I know my phone is unlocked

iPhone 7.  I want to use it in Canada.  How do I know if it is unlocked and is there good sims to buy

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Re: How do I know my phone is unlocked

@sgburrycyqx   Is you device from EE ?   You don’t need to unlock it to use a EE sim.


you can text UNLOCK to 150 to see if it’s it’s locked to EE or has been unlocked. 


and if you want to get a Canadian Sim card you will need to unlock it.  


EE Community Team

Re: How do I know my phone is unlocked

Hi @sgburrycyqx,


Welcome to the community 🙂


I can see that you have had some fab advice from @Chris_B on unlocking your device.


did you get a chance to text UNLOCK to 150 to check the status of your iPhone?


If you are on a Max Plan, you can use your UK allowances while roaming in Canada.


If you log into your My EE account you can check your plan and allowances.


Don't forget to check that your phone is ready to use abroad before you leave the UK!



Alex 🙂

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