by aguskula

Hello! Why is my number blocked?

Hello! Why is my number blocked?

I really need to have access even to incoming calls - I'm in a problematic situation because I don't get passwords/contact from my bank. Please for help. Unfortunately, I'm still on a long international trip and I don't how to go to the store EE. Smiley Sad

Kind Regards!


by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Hello! Why is my number blocked?

How long have you been abroad?


You need to have a stable link to the UK network I believe after 120 days you need to connect to a UK network to keep it active.

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by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Hello! Why is my number blocked?

@aguskula  Unfortunately if you answer the customer services  security questions incorrectly you will Lock your account and a visit to a EE store with ID is what’s needed to get the account unlocked again.    And about your number being blocked have you missed your payments to EE ?   


@BrendonH being abroad for a long time will not block the number as after 60 days you’ll start being charged for roaming if your in the EU/5 other max plan country’s.     It might get blocked if your running up a large bill/s

EE Employee

Re: Hello! Why is my number blocked?

Hi and welcome to the community @aguskula


So I can try and assist, please may I know the following:


Are you pay as you go or pay monthly?


Which country are you in?


when was the last time you made a text or call?


Many thanks,



by aguskula

Re: Hello! Why is my number blocked?

Hi! Thank you for your answer @Lee_H


•My type is pay as you go


•In Poland. I plan to come back to UK on June


•In January 2018

EE Community Support Team

Re: Hello! Why is my number blocked?

Hello there @aguskula


Thanks for coming back to us.


If you give us a call on +44 (0) 7953 966 250 from another phone or customer service team will be able to get this looked into for you.


Thanks. Leanne 🙂

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