by jmaclean

Delay in unlocking phone

I filled out an unlock request on the 28th August and I have still had no details sent through. I deliberately did this over the 72 hours in advance that a iphone needs because I was moving country and wanted to be able to get a local SIM card as soon as possible, but  when I checked my EE account today it shows the phone as still being locked. 


Is there a way this can be chased please as I would like to get my new SIM card sorted.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Delay in unlocking phone

@jmaclean  EE aim to get it done in 72 hours that’s not it will be done in 72 hours and EE actually allow up to 10 days.  





EE Community Support Team

Re: Delay in unlocking phone

Hi @jmaclean,


Welcome to the EE Community.


@Chris_B is correct in pointing out that in some cases it can take up to 10 days to unlock your phone.


Please let us know if you don't hear anything from our unlocking team today.





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