by Will900

Blacklisted phone off eBay

Hi, Recently purchased a Google pixel XL in eBay. Rang them up to unlock the phone and they said it's blacklisted. I tried contacting the owner I purchased it off but to no reply. I even got a Checkmend done but everything was clear 🤔 not reported lost, stolen or anything. I'm now at a loose end. Any advice would be great. Thanks

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Blacklisted phone off eBay

@Will900   It was a properly reported lost after it was posted to you, it take a few weeks to get onto any website that can report back whether it’s been blacklisted or not.   You need to take this up with eBay and report the seller.  EE can not help you as EE will only remove the blacklist for the original device owner.  

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