by neilmc

6-Month Unlocking

More of a frustrating policy grumble than a question. 


I bought a second-hand phone and it's locked to EE. I was misled into thinking it was unlocked.


The phone helpfully puts up a message suggesting asking EE to unlock. I did that and it turns out the phone hasn't reached the six-month threshold yet, after that it can be unlocked for £8.99, no problems.


I'm fine with all of that EXCEPT that EE cannot tell me when the six months is up. So it could be tomorrow, it could be November. I'm in the crazy situation where I have to call them every couple of days and give IMEI and other info every time to see if it can be done.


I just think it'd be courteous for someone to say "why don't you try calling back first week of September", or something. But they won't. I just have to keep calling, and it's a bit annoying. 😡

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: 6-Month Unlocking

@neilmc  To be told when that 6 month period is up they would need to look at the original owners account to see when they got it.  That they can not do as they don’t have permission to look at that account.  The person who sold it to you has actually broken there agreement with EE as they are not allowed to sell the device before the 6 months of receiving the device. 


There are are a few websites that check the IMEI number and some also say when the device was roughly first purchased. 

EE Employee

Re: 6-Month Unlocking

Hi and welcome to the community @neilmc


I understand your frustration with this issue.


As @Chris_B has mentioned we would be unable to give any account details in regards to the original purchase of the device as this would be against data protection and GDPR.


Many thanks,







by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: 6-Month Unlocking

Hi @neilmc


I hope you know the person you purchased from as I guarantee in 3- 6 months it will be permanently blocked as lost, stolen, defaulted, especially if you purchased it from Ebay or Gumtree with the seller vanishing.


Good luck.

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