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santander otp codes



i have been on 02 for 11 years. I moved to EE for the first time.


I have kept the same number I had with 02 took a few days to transfer.


i have the Santander and Tesco banking app on my phone. They both won’t work because the otp code cannot send to my number. If never had this before but have noticed this is a massive issue with EE.


i bought the phone from car phone warehouse. 


Iv called EE, Santander, Tesco and Caroline warehouse about this problem. Also been into EE, Santander and Carphone warehouse about this problem.


they all blame each other and pie me off.


iv googled for hours about this problem and Iv, rebooted my phone, had a new sim from EE, deleted the apps and downloaded them again. Gone into Santander and changed the number to the same one. Iv also spoken to Tesco who have said this is a common problem with people on EE.


after 7 calls with EE and them telling me to check the number on my phone (which is correct) reset network setting on my phone, any many other scenarios nothing is worked.


my 8th call to EE I was told that EE had blocked all security codes coming from banks due to security reasons. This apparently is a new thing that’s just happened.


The problem I now have is I’m stuck in a 24 month contract I can’t access my online banking which I need every day and I wish I never left 02! 


 If anyone has any advice for me please let me know as I’m desperate many thanks!!

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Grand Master

Re: santander otp codes

@User14 wrote:

Tesco who have said this is a common problem with people on EE.

Too true! It is! Usually those porting in from O2.


It's EE's text spam filters finding false-positives on certain legitimate constructs in bank's verification code texts. Funny it doesn't happen so much to those long-time with EE with their online banking. Yet EE is doing nowt in fixing it overall.

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